Hardslag x Voorsprong | Powered by Kritiek Soundsystem

Celebrate Halloween with a night that starts with hard techno and culminates in acidcore. Expect a night full of sinister lights and even darker 303s.
Hosted by the organization of Hardslag & Voorsprong.
◦ Low E (Kompass Klub, Dour, MODUL’AIR)
◦ Radze (Space Safari, Acidelics, MODUL’AIR)
◦ Kinnaj (Acidica, Tek Wars, Decadance)
◦ Straatslaper (Planet Paradise, Kuf Kuf, Contrast)
◦ NØMIS & NØNKEL (JH Zenith)
◦ KLÖNK & SKEM (JH Zenith, Technologica)
◦ SKRTMNS & Taaien (Hardslag)
◦ Pre-lineup tickets: €8,5
◦ Normal tickets: €10
Tickets can be bought here.
Otterstraat 58
9200 Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde
31 October 2023
⤬ Powered by Kritiek Soundsystem
* Zero drug tolerance
* Treat others and your surroundings with respect
* Target audience 18+